Top 100 Happy List

Count 'em up!

I didn't have such a good day yesterday. When I finished telling a friend of mine how it went, she encouraged me to create a list of things that make me happy in no particular order. So today, I said "Ehh, why not?" I have to admit, after writing this list, I feel a lot better! If you're ever feeling sad, try this exercise out.

1. Playing the piano
2. Baking brownies
3. Getting a gift card and buying enough stuff online for free shipping
4. Polishing other people's nails
5. Not having waiting for the washing machine or dryer
6. Having a refrigerator in my dorm room
7. Listening to radio shows during rush hour
8. Figuring out the lyrics to a rap song without using Rap Genius
9. Late '90s pop music
10. Sledding on new snow

11. Finding people who also know obscure songs from popular artists
12. Moonwalking
13. Indian food
14. Performing community service
15. Doodling with colored Sharpies
16. Comforting friends at 3 in the morning
17. Not being on curfew
18. Happy babies and little kids
19. Checking my available balance and seeing that they really did deposit some money
20. Finding new scholarships

21. Spanish telenovelas
22. Understanding anything someone says in Spanish telenovelas
23. Real tacos (sorry, not sorry Taco Bell)
24. Finally being able to see emojis
25. Watching funny movies with my friends
26. Getting my cheeks pinched by, ahem, "older" adults
27. Writing an essay an hour before class and getting an A
28. Hanging out in downtown Detroit
29. Not being charged for extra food at Chipotle
30. Macaroni and cheese

31. Being in college
32. Taking naps between classes
33. Repping my hometown 
34. History class
35. Going to museums
36. When my mom wakes me up in the middle of the night with a cup of ice water to drink
37. Dancing in parking lots at 1 in the morning
38. Seeing good things on the news
39. Getting in a good workout

41. Meeting cool HU alumni
42. When my braids finally stop hurting
43. Going to the gun range with my dad
44. Decorating the Christmas tree
45. Showing people new Vines
46. Getting people addicted to my favorite TV shows/movies/singers
47. Nice dogs
48. Socks with grips so I don't slip and fall on the floor
49. Thrift shopping 
50. Getting my hair laid

51. Netflix
52. Biscuits from Red Lobster
53. Costco
54. Reuniting with old friends
55. When someone has a charger if I forgot mine
56. Voguing (Like from the Madonna video)
57. TV shows from the '70s
58. Hearing a good church sermon
59. Canceled classes
60. No homework

61. Extra credit
62. Michael Jackson
63. Not being an only child
64. Fruit salad (without honeydew or blueberries)
65. Leisure reading
66. Going to the park
67. Taking naps at the beach
68. Waking up and my Bantu knots are dry
69. Grease (the musical, not the product)
70. Not being in high school

71. Gardening
72. People that share their food
73. Bunnies
74. Accidentally harmonizing well with someone while we sing
75. Inside jokes
76. *Eye roll* "Stop it!" (That's an inside joke)
77. Getting compliments
78. Sales at my favorite stores
79. Grocery shopping in the suburbs
80. Going to the library

82. When people spell my name right
83. John Hughes movies
84. When people know who John Hughes is
85. Understanding a joke that I didn't get as a kid
86. Seeing my friends achieve their goals
87. Watching my siblings grow up
88. Being 18
89. Having post-graduation plans
90. Spring time

91. Blowing bubbles
92. Making up routines to TLC songs
93. The word cinnamon
94. Old Kanye West songs
95. Saying "She got a light-skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson, got a dark-skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson"
96. Sleeping in
97. Talking with an English accent
98. Having peace of mind after prayer
99. Finding lost money in my pockets
100. No commercials on Pandora

I hope that you enjoyed my list of things that make me happy, and hopefully you have an even longer list of things that make you happy! Have a fantastic 2015. 

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