Don't Forget the Little People on Your Way to the Top

As society as a whole becomes more racially inclusive, we also become more economically exclusive. The main purpose of dividing the races was to allow wealthy landowners to keep political power and wealth. 

Nowadays, people of different colors are more inclined to call each other brother; it's only when one moves up a tax bracket that problems arise. Now, I don't want anyone to think that I'm against upward mobility. I wouldn't be in college if I didn't anticipate on making a decent living. But don't forget the ones who were around when you were broke(ish).

By all means, cut out the money-hungry losers, but please know the difference between those who can't do for themselves and those who won't. Minorities, I'm speaking to you especially, and I know you already know why. Support of one another is sometimes nonexistent, much like crabs in a barrel.

Most importantly, be nice to the people that you pass on the way up, because if you don't, the fall back down will be even harder...

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