Hampton University: The Unofficial Set of Frozen

The past couple of days have been ridiculous...

        The weather, the weather, the weather! It's the middle of winter, and snow is an inevitable symptom of the season. However, my illustrious university and the city of Hampton at large seemed largely unprepared despite enough forewarning. 

        The students of HU were furious for obvious reasons. Where is the rock salt? Why is there sand on the ground instead? Why was President Harvey's driveway totally cleared while we were left to navigate the icy streets? And most importantly, why wasn't the campus shut down? Read the following tweets to see what other students had to say.


        Overall, today's events seem like a slap in the face to all of us who attend Hampton University. It seems like saving money is more important than our safety. The students (myself included) feel as though our institution isn't as down for us as we are for them, which sucks. The only thing I can say to HU is just do better...

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