"I told you not to catch feelings..."

What did you think was going to happen?
When you're in college, you meet a lot of people and begin to form relationships, whether they be friendly, romantic or professional. This is a great thing, but a lot of you are causing a lot of unnecessary drama by participating in unhealthy relationships. 

Say what you want in the beginning.

If you really just want to mess around, go find other people who feel the same way as you. Good luck finding someone who genuinely won't catch feelings though. A lot of people wouldn't mind just having someone to kick it with, but keep in mind that most people won't spend their time with someone they couldn't see themselves with in the future. Even if you say, "Don't catch feelings...", chances are that the girl or guy will catch feelings anyway, especially if you treat them like they're your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Give it a name!

"What's understood doesn't need to be explained" actually does need to be explained! Believe me when I say at least one person in the relationship is wondering, "What are we?" Anyone (usually a girl) that says that (s)he doesn't need a title is lying. They just doesn't want to be resented for pushing the other person into an unwanted relationship. And no, bae is not a real title.

Final Thoughts

If you know all of the above but "do what you want" anyway, then you are the physical embodiment of the problem, and should isolate yourself from society. Just kidding. Actually, I'm not kidding. Go away. Don't let yourself be caught up in a situationship. There is no reason to be "loyal" to anyone who isn't down for you and only you.