Conferences, Celebrities, and Diabetes? - A Class Project

With the "suggestion" of my professor, I am writing this blog post for two reasons. First, I am supposed to explain what I learned at my university's Black Family Conference. Then, I have to tell you all about a celebrity who lives with diabetes. If you're still reading this, I have to thank you for your cooperation, and hopefully you learn something from this.

Don't Underestimate My...

...Conduct towards others

If you need food, I got you. Money? I'll give what I can. Someone to talk to? I'll be there. Being good to others is my default setting. But just like anything that has a default setting, alternatives are possible. People talk a lot about cutting people off, and I totally understand. For me, when a person's presence physically drains me, I know that they are not good to be around. I choose to be nice, but when I decide that someone isn't worth the trouble they cause, then I'm not very nice anymore. My well-being comes before all else.

What Does the Future Hold for the Next Generation?

Michael Brown has been dead for six months. Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Justice announced their decision to not file criminal charges against former police officer Darren Wilson. I won't get into the details of the case, but of course I'm disappointed.