April Fools' Day

April Fools' Day is supposed to be a day where people play practical jokes on one another. I don't see the need in dedicating a day to pulling pranks when people do it every day. This year was no exception; I didn't trick anyone and nobody tricked me. Since I've never had an eventful April 1st I asked a couple of my friends about their own experiences.

Angel pretended to be pregnant

Angel's mom was in their kitchen while she was in the living room. After making lots of uncomfortable eye contact, she insisted that nothing was wrong. Finally, after her mom kept asking her what was wrong, she "admitted" to being pregnant. Before she could say "APRIL FOOLS'!" her mother ran into the living room and smacked her across the face...Needless to say, she never played with her mother like that again.

Ashley sent out a mass text

Ashley texted everyone in her contacts the message in the picture below...

One person didn't respond, a couple of people had already got the text, but most people seriously thought that she didn't want to be friends with them anymore!

Deja's mom had her aunt running to the hospital

Deja's mom told her aunt that Deja's grandma was in the hospital. Scared to death, Deja's aunt raced to the hospital only to find that Grandma wasn't there. Immediately, she made several phone calls and found out that it was only a joke and that Grandma was actually safe at home... 

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