"Detroit" According to Snapchat

That was not what we were expecting.

On Sunday, Detroit was given the honor of having a live Snapchat story. For anyone who doesn't know what this is, find out here

Many of the city's residents (including myself) were excited to hear of the news. Finally, we thought, the whole world would get to see our home for what it really is through our eyes! Unfortunately, that never happened. 

If you watched the story, then you may have noticed there was quite a lack of color, which is strange for a city that boasts an 82% black population, the highest in the country. 

Below is what just a few Detroiters had to say on Twitter.


At the end of the day, the bigger issue at hand is not what Snapchat did; they are in complete control of what they choose to post in their live snap stories. What we all saw was the beginning of the gentrification of the largest black city in America. 

Property in the city is very cheap and so young white entrepreneurs and families are beginning to settle here. This is not a problem, in fact it's a great thing! It means that Detroit is beginning to bank on the potential that it always had.

My only issue is when those who already live in the city are forced out. Will new businesses hire black workers? What will the police force begin to look like? Will we even be able to afford to live in the city that we've called home for so long?

So, thanks Snapchat, you have inadvertently shown us a glimpse into the future of Detroit; an abundance of white people and giant hamsters...

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