Wise Words From (Former) College Freshmen

Now that freshman year is over...

It's time to share what has been learned. I reached out to some of my amazing classmates for their advice to incoming college freshmen. Class of 2019, get ready because very soon, you will begin the rest of your life!

James Weaver, IV: Not everyone is your friend.

Deja Totten: Do your work and go to class. Talk to your teacher. All college students struggle; express yourself and don't let anyone judge you.

Symone Dawson: No one can be held accountable for your actions but yourself. 

Kaitlyn Ceaser: College is really about finessing.

Elexxus Welch: Mo' friends, mo' problems.

Dymon Harris: I've learned that connections are key. It's not about what you know, it's about who you know. Connections with a variety of people can take you further than your knowledge can. 

Nesra Cummings: Balance school and the turn up. Also, master the art of finesse.

Aaron Carson: Surround yourself with positive people that want to succeed just like you. If you step out of your comfort zone, it'll be the best decision that you'll ever make.

Ashley Williams: What I learned about in boating school is...life will bring unexpected challenges. Composure and understanding are vital attributes. Personally, I learned a lot about responsibilities in all aspects...work and my money. I learned the importance of keeping my eyes and ears open. I learned to take heed of the company I keep. And most importantly I learned "finesse don't stress." Thank you, Mrs. Puff.

ADVICE FOR #QTX (Hampton '19)

If you're an incoming freshman at Hampton, pay close attention to these names; we're going to be your bigs.

James Weaver, IV: You'll never understand where your 35k is going. You will probably eat off paper plates four times a month. The pink lemonade will only work sometimes.

Symone Dawson: Wing Zone is freshman food.

Kaitlyn Ceaser: BOTS (Battle of the States) is the BEST way to meet people.

Battle of the States is the most important event of Freshman Year.

Elexxus Welch: Not every 12-2 is going to be live, only a good five out of the whole year. Steal as many paper plates, real plates, paper towel rolls, toilet tissue, and even cafe cups as you can. [You will] always look at the people who didn't do BOTS from your region a little funny.

Dayzia Gadson: Hampton is what you make it. Be open and get to know people, they might be the best people you'll ever meet.

Arielle Wallace: If you can afford it, go to pre-college; you'll definitely appreciate the early start come fall semester.

Tiana Whitely: Thou must pop out at all important events. (Dayzia Gadson: Even when you don't feel like it.)

Andre Martin: You can't miss a meal or you will be hungry until the next day. (Aaron Carson: Or end up spending a lot of money without even realizing it.)

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