Father's Day

Let's try something new this year!
Me and Daddy on my first birthday in 1997.
Mother's Day is for mothers. 

The amount of negativity that surrounds Father's Day is almost ridiculous, especially since there are just as many bad mothers as there are fathers in the world. But, of course, it would be disrespectful for someone to shame their mother on Mother's Day. Don't use Father's Day to shout your mom out as your mom and dad. That's not to say that single mothers can't raise amazing individuals (they do it all the time), but no woman can take a man's place in their child's life.

Let's honor the good men.

In our lives we have grandfathers, uncles, cousins, brothers, pastors, coaches, family friends, and teachers. Father's Day doesn't have to be about the one who donated his DNA! We can make it about the men that stepped up to the plate. The power to make Father's Day either good or bad lies in our hands. With all the negativity in the world, why not put out some positive vibes? 

No, I can't relate.

My parents are divorced but I have a great relationship with my dad. However, I can't say the same for my parents' relationships with their fathers. My mother's father wasn't around much and he died before she was 12. My father's father had his own issues but is working to repair his relationship with his sons as he approaches 70. I may not have lived through it myself, but I've witnessed first hand just how devastating not having a father around can be...

If all else fails, just ignore Father's Day altogether.

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