Isn't She Lovely?

#WCW #MelaninMonroe

On May 31st, Brooklyn based Renaissance man Moise Morancy uploaded a video on his Facebook page. In the video, he addressed the struggles and triumphs of 90s babies. One of the most memorable lines in his 3 ½  minute video is "...and I don't need a trap queen, I need a Melanin Monroe." 

This made me think about the actual Marilyn Monroe. Yes, she was beautiful, but there are countless black women that rival her beauty. So here's an idea: pick one of the women in the pictures below to be your #WCW. In addition, use the hashtag #MelaninMonroe and anything else you'd like in the caption. 

Donyale Luna, world's first black cover girl

Josephine Baker, performer and civil rights activist

Lena Horne, performer and civil rights activist

Diahann Carroll, actress and activist for health and civil rights

Dorothy Dandridge, the first black person to be nominated for an Oscar

Ruby Dee, Renaissance woman and civil rights activist
Etta Rae, actress and model

Debbie Allen, Renaissance woman and cultural activist

Vera Francis, actress and model

Phylicia Rashād, performer and director

Eartha Kitt, performer and activist for anti-war and civil rights

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  1. My WCW is Phylicia Rashad. Black elegance at its finest ��