Let Them Be Great

People hate when you try to change them because it leaves them vulnerable and makes them feel inadequate. I completely understand what that feels like; I can't do that to someone else. We don't know how long it's taken someone to get to where they are, because they might be a million times better than they were before we met them.

When they actually need you

If you know someone is messing up, you have a choice to help them. The first and most important action is patience. Only you can determine who's worth your patience at that time. If you can't give them that much, then they don't need you in their lives, because you won't accept them when they're down.

When all they really need is themselves

The worst thing is when people look for others to change them as if they deserve that responsibility. We idolize people, then demonize them when they don't live up to our expectations.

Nothing will slow you down unless you choose to do so yourself, NOTHING. Getting into a relationship doesn't mean anything if you don't decide to be faithful. Having a child means nothing if you don't put your child's needs first. Nobody's going to hold your hand and guide you through life (Unless you wanna walk with Jesus, then by all means, follow). People can influence your decisions, but at the end of the day, they're YOUR decisions. 

All I'm saying is...

We have to realize that people are people; they make bad choices and mistakes just like everyone else. Give them the space to grow into themselves, especially if they're young. Remember, don't martyr yourself for people that don't ask for your help or for people that can help themselves, but won't. Just let them be great

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