No Boo, It's You...Part 2

Because you clearly didn't pay attention the first time.

If you need a refresher, here's No Boo, It's You...Part 1.


And you continuously ignore obvious red flags because you want to be "loved" but you have to love yourself first. If you know that who you're struggling over isn't worth it, and you know that you can't separate love from sex and you know that you don't have yourself together, don't sleep with them! You'll be so quick to play the blame game, even though you were quick to give it up, but I'm sleep...

HINT: If you keep falling back, instead of communicating, then you'll never get what you want. If you feel like you have to keep pleading the situation, that's a sign to let it go and let them be great.

No, you really are asking for too much

This would be funny if you weren't serious...
Some of y'all are clingy and that's unhealthy, seek help. I can't even sugarcoat that. I feel like everyone knows this but is so eager for attention from anything with some Jordans and a pulse. Nobody worth having is going to be all over you all of the time or constantly in your space. BREATHE. If your whole day is ruined because you didn't get a text back or something really lame like that, then go back to middle school since you wanna be childish.

It's really sad, and I guess I could link it to technology and social media; everybody's fighting to be somebody. But check this out, if you seek validation from the rest of the world, you'll never get it, straight like that. Make the most of your life.

I'm not trying to be mean, but if your feelings are hurt then I probably did something right. I'm saying all of this because I love you...and because I'm tired of seeing you complain all day on my TL.

P.S. if I see it again, I will unfollow you, but not before I send you the link to this post. Make wise choices and be blessed.

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