12 Ways to Tell If You're Basic

North Face + Uggs + leggings = basic. Adidas jogging pants + green military jacket + standard DMV guy haircut = basic. There are a million ways to be basic, but some don't get as much recognition as others, so I decided to list 12 of my favorites!

You're basic if you...

...only refer to Christian Louboutin heels as "Red Bottoms"
...don't know how to pronounce Christian Louboutin
...wear a Gucci belt with all of your clothes regardless of the occasion
...expect to get smoked out at a party because you're cute/you're the homie
...post a picture of your Chipotle every time you buy it
...sneak diss and subtweet on Twitter
...post every party that you attend on Snapchat instead of just enjoying it
...only wear MAC Cosmetics
...say "I would post my #MCM but..." But what? You're not allowed to?
..."Slayyyyy" is your go-to compliment
...don't read books or watch the news "because it's boring"
...fall for Netflix and chill

Having basic tendencies doesn't mean you live a basic lifestyle, but if more than half of these apply to you, then it's a pretty good indication.

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