Always Gotta Flex on Somebody

Humble yourself.

When you think of all your blessings, if only material possessions come to mind, then you don't know what it's like to be blessed. What are your goals? Do they include helping others, complete strangers even? If not, you've got to get some new goals. Now, I don't know about you, but I know my life's purpose isn't to stunt on people. 

I'd like to believe that God has greater things in store for you and me than superficial validation. 10k+ IG or Twitter followers doesn't make up for the fact that you're unemployed, not in school, and aren't doing volunteer work to make yourself useful. Your Gucci belt and MAC lipstick is not impressive.

You need to stay in your own lane...

You buy your babies Jordans that you can't afford* in order to (falsely) prove that they will "want for nothing", but fail to realize that all kids want is two parents with steady jobs. We all know your bed doesn't even have a post and that you still fall for "Netflix and chill", but, that's not really my business, is it? While you're flexing your hourly pay for the gram, you should probably turn your location settings off because it only takes 1-3 minutes for me to find your house...(and that's not an exaggeration, but I'm digressing)

To be honest, you're annoying.

You only gain a fool's respect when you flash your material wealth, and even then they're praying for your downfall. The people that you flex on don't like you. The people that have more than you don't like you. What good is showing off for people that aren't checking for you?

*Just because you can produce the amount of money needed to buy something doesn't mean you can afford it. To afford something is to be able to buy it and still live comfortably. Money left over after bills is supposed to be saved more often than not if you plan to build wealth and avoid living paycheck to paycheck.

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