Essential HBCU Songs

8. New Impressionz - Found Myself a Clappa

East Coast HBCUs tend to have a large number of students from Washington D.C. and its surrounding cities (DMV area) You're almost guaranteed to hear this and other GoGo songs at least once a week (twice if you go to Hampton).

7. Mr. Vegas - Bruk It Down

HBCUs are filled with all types of black folk. At Hampton, we have so many students from the West Indies that we hold an annual Caribbean Fest. That's not the only time they celebrate their heritage, however. Songs like this one can be heard on virtually every HBCU campus at any given time.

6. Bell Biv DeVoe - Poison

Skip to 0:33 to get straight to the song!

Does this song even NEED an explanation? We turn up to Beyoncé and Fetty Wap all the time, but sometimes the only thing that'll get us hype is a throwback. No matter your age, region, or musical preference, "Poison" gets everybody in a good mood. 

5. Chief Keef - Faneto

This song is incredibly hype and has so many memorable lines, especially my favorite: "Cheese in my pockets, Velveeta."

4. Total Praise (Richard Smallwood version) 

If you go to church, then you know that this song is basically mandatory for the choir to perform. As college students, sometimes it feels as though it can be impossible to move on. This song is all about giving Him the glory through the good and the bad.

3. Juvenile - Back That A** Up ft. Mannie Fresh and Lil' Wayne

If you see a stampede on the dance floor, then this song is probably playing. Now go catch a good twerk before they're all gone!

2. Crime Mob - Knuck if You Buck ft. Lil' Scrappy

Whether you're repping your region, class, sorority or frat, Knuck if You Buck is the best song to play.

1. Alma Mater

Your alma mater is the most important HBCU song of all. When students and alumni come together to sing this song, all differences are set aside in the name of love. Hampton's alma mater has choreography and everything! Take pride in whatever HBCU you rep, because the years you spend there will never be forgotten.

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