"Hey, I Know You!"

How to Approach People You Know From Social Media in Real Life

If you attend a college or university, then you probably follow many people that you don't personally know on Instagram and Twitter. Truth be told, it's kinda weird, especially when they share too much personal information. Social media is a great tool for connecting with others, but a lot of the time, we forget to be social in real life. Do you want to approach these stranger-like people once and for all? Here's how!

1. Have a purpose

Whether it be for networking purposes or to bond over a ridiculously hard test in a mutual class, make the conversation worthwhile. Just saying, "Hey, I know you! You're @___________! leaves you open to a reaction like this:

2. Don't get too specific

I said before that some people share way too much of their business. Their roommate stole their clothes, their boyfriend is transferring to another college, and they're not financially cleared for next semester...you know the type. If and when you talk to your social media buddies, don't mention anything like this, even though the whole world already knows. For a lot of people, sharing their lives online is a lot different than talking about it in public. No matter how much they say, you'll always be in the wrong for bringing up specific incidents.

3. Talk to them in person early

The worst thing you can do is be best friends with someone on Twitter but walk right past each other in the caf all year. Your friendship doesn't have to be treated like a back gate/Harbors hookup! (S/o to Hampton U) Acknowledge each other's existence to minimize awkwardness.

4. Don't be a creep afterwards

Do not, do not DO NOT add someone on Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Tumblr the same day that you talk to them for the first time in person. You've already established a social media connection (hence the initial anxiety of seeing them in the first place). Focus on trying to grow your network offline.

Did I cover everything? What are some tips that you would like to share? I hope I helped!

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