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As the summer winds down, we are approaching that time of the year that we affectionately refer to as "cuffing season". No particular time of the year is needed to start a relationship, but for those who have their heart set on taking things to the next level in the upcoming months, here are some tips to make your relationships flourish.

1. Know yourself

It starts with you. The best and most fulfilling relationship one can have is with themselves. Take the time to figure out an ideal situation for yourself and prioritize accordingly. Too often do we find ourselves trying to use someone to compensate for things we lack within ourselves. 

We give of ourselves expecting this grand "reimbursement". Allow yourself to give freely knowing that you are whole enough to receive love from yourself in the event that it's not reciprocated the way you want by the other person.

2. Take your time

Don't rush into a relationship for the sake of the title or entitlement. Take your time to get to know the person you're interested in for more than just face value. People are more than what meets the eye, and with the intentions of starting something serious, it's best to know the person almost as well as you know yourself. This builds a foundation on trust and acceptance, rather than expectations.

3. Don't try to change them

Many persons have a tendency of going into relationships not completely satisfied with their partner, however they settle with the intentions of changing them later. There's a reason why the person isn't the way you want them; count your blessings and move on.

4. Communicate 

If something bothers you, say so. You can't expect people to live in your head or decipher your subliminal (and passive-aggressive) messages. This leads to confusion and unnecessary drama. Whatever is on your mind should be verbalized very clearly to your partner. Don't assume that they know how you feel because honestly, they probably don't have a clue.

Fulfilling relationships require conscious effort and understanding. Don't rush into anything, remember your value, and make the most of it all. Love, love.

About the Author

Ashley (Kayanda) Williams is a sophomore psychology major from Kingston, Jamaica (currently residing in Westchester County, New York). Follow her on IG & Twitter

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