Dear White (and Other "Colorblind") People

This prom situation:

Remember the last GOP debate? Well, during the 12 seconds #BlackLivesMatter was mentioned, Ben Carson suggested that we live in a post-racial society. How is that so, if black people think race relations have worsened since 2007? How have we evolved past racial issues when the number of white supremacy groups has skyrocketed during the Obama administration?

"Why are you guys always talking about race? That makes you the racists, not us."

You've been raised to be colorblind. In your eyes, to acknowledge race = racism. Why? Decades ago, when white people brought up race it was usually to say mean and hateful things. Kids of the 80s, 90s, and today have been taught that no race is better than another, but the media teaches us otherwise. Microaggressions are powerful. It's why you think it's gross when black people don't wash their hair every day or praise the black people who don't speak like a "regular black person".

Black kids are taught differently because our parents want us to be prepared to live in a society where the white minority exploits us and the white majority ignores us. Side note: Don't use President Obama as a sign of "post-racial" America. One black man in power doesn't make up for the 1.5 million lost in the prison system.

Yes, we're all human beings. No, we're not the same.

Our culture is not for your consumption. You can't wear cornrows, say nigga, or get plastic surgery to achieve black features without offending black people. Newsflash! "Black Cards" don't exist. Don't accuse me of being too sensitive; sensitivity is a characteristic of humanity. If you aren't sensitive to our struggle, then what does that make you?

"I have black friends though!"

No you don't. If you haven't had a frank conversation about race with your black companion (where you silently listen to their experiences without blaming them) then you've got a weak friendship. Appropriating their culture makes them uncomfortable, and telling them that they're "not like other black people" is rude and ignorant. 

We are not making this up. 

Don't use statistical data to prove global warming if you're not going to do the same for mass incarceration and police brutality. Race baiting is not a thing. Being a professional victim isn't a thing. Ask me about black on black crime and I'll ask you about white on white crime. Racism still exists. Learn more about different cultures (without appropriating) and stop trying to run from our differences, because we're all beautiful in our own way.

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