19 Things I Learned Before My 19th Birthday

In honor of turning 19...

I decided to do a bit of reflection. Getting older is scary, but cool at the same time because I've had some great experiences. Here are some of the things that I've learned during my lifetime.

You Just Don't Listen, Do You?

This is you getting judged.
It's so hard to have stubborn friends. No matter the consequences that they face, they refuse to change their bad behavior. Remember Let Them Be Great? We're past that point. Now it's time to wash our hands of all of their troubles.

The Ultimate Neo-Soul Playlist

In no particular order...

It's the middle of the week, last week my school had homecoming and I really didn't want to get into anything deep. I created a playlist for you all to chill and study to. Should I have added a song in? Should I have left a couple of songs out? Let me know!

Ugly Duckling Syndrome

When the inside doesn't match the outside...

What is ugly ducking syndrome?

When you look like this...

Gabrielle Union, yes lawd!
...But think you look like this

Fix it Jesus.

Ugly duckling syndrome doesn't care if you're a male or female, young or old, black, white or anything in between. If you don't think you look good, then it's a wrap.