Ugly Duckling Syndrome

When the inside doesn't match the outside...

What is ugly ducking syndrome?

When you look like this...

Gabrielle Union, yes lawd!
...But think you look like this

Fix it Jesus.

Ugly duckling syndrome doesn't care if you're a male or female, young or old, black, white or anything in between. If you don't think you look good, then it's a wrap.


  • Forget that you're not ugly anymore
  • When you remember, you do the absolute most
  • Quiet because you don't want to attract attention to yourself
  • Find it hard to accept compliments
  • Can't understand why anyone would be jealous of you
I only want to touch on the first two for right now. (This will be updated later)

You forget that you're not ugly anymore

The glow up was too real. Your glasses turned into contacts, your braces revealed a killer smile, and you finally bought a couple of nice outfits. All of the things that held you back (unless it was just you holding you back, but that's for another post) are no longer standing in your way, but for some reason, you're still acting like the old you! There's nothing wrong in appreciating how far you've come physically, especially if your past was painful.

You do the absolute most when you remember that you're fine

You know better than most how:
  • Wrong it is to use your looks to manipulate others
  • Irritating it is to see someone showing out in front of everyone when they already look good
  • Hurtful it is to be treated badly because of your looks
Your best bet is to avoid doing any of those things, because beauty fades...

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