You Just Don't Listen, Do You?

This is you getting judged.
It's so hard to have stubborn friends. No matter the consequences that they face, they refuse to change their bad behavior. Remember Let Them Be Great? We're past that point. Now it's time to wash our hands of all of their troubles.

You may say "Only God Can Judge Me", but that's not the Bible, that's Tupac. 

You see, God may judge your life in its entirety, but regular people don't have to do that. We judge you. I judge you (I'm only being honest, it's human nature).

That may not be very Christian of me, but if you think about it, to ignore the path you're going down would be even worse. My goal is not to preach to you, or to present myself as holier than thou, because I will be the first to admit that I am a mess. I'm very sensitive, very secretive, and am often a victim of my own emotions, but at least I'm not afraid to acknowledge it or try to work on my problems. 

I've learned from my (many, many, many) mistakes, and only want you to learn from yours too. 

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