No Boo, It's You...Part 3: Ride or Die

Even loyalty has its limits.

The phrase "ride or die" has been manipulated to the point where it insinuates that the person you're riding for is going to put you through hell and only a "loyal" person will stick around for that mess.

That is not loyalty, that will never be loyalty, that is weakness.

A relationship, romantic or otherwise should be an opportunity for two individuals to grow strong together, not to have one bow down to the other. If you're not careful, your relationship will be just another power struggle. Watch yourself and check who you're with because:

1. They WILL take advantage of you

2. You're setting them up for failure because down the line, when they run into a real (wo)man that they want to be with, they won't stand a chance.  

Just in case you're not sure if you're tweaking or not...

Kickbacks + study sessions + club hopping ≠ friendship; calm down.

Texting Talking ≠ Dating ≠ Cuffed ≠ Married; chill out!

The funniest part is, a lot of these people aren't even asking for you to sell your souls to them like that, but I'm sleep.