Chapter 2016

I spent a lot of time reflecting on 2015, and my main takeaway is to keep being good and to continue to get better. I think I've laid a solid foundation, so now the name of the game is maintenance and building. 

Spotlight: Amadi

Actor. Model. Blogger. Amadi does it all. 
I got the chance to speak with Amadi, one of my favorite up-and-coming entertainers, on everything from his future projects to creative inspiration.

Why do We Sice People that Don't Deserve It?

"'Cause you're not that cute...and your hair is look dusty!"

Everybody swears they're the type to keep it 100, so imagine my confusion when I see hot messes during my day-to-day activities...where are your friends at, y'all? 

Don't Be That Friend

So annoying!

If you don't have that friend, then it's probably you...

15 Times We Fell in Love With Barack & Michelle

America's Coolest (and Cutest) First Couple

I don't even have anything to say; I just think they're adorable.