Why do We Sice People that Don't Deserve It?

"'Cause you're not that cute...and your hair is uneven...you look dusty!"

Everybody swears they're the type to keep it 100, so imagine my confusion when I see hot messes during my day-to-day activities...where are your friends at, y'all? 

It's one thing to look a certain way because it's your aesthetic, but it's another thing to attempt to be basic and fail at that. My response to it all?

Because your friends will have you thinking that you look like this...
When you really look like this.
They'll have you think that you're dancing at a party like this...
When you're really dancing like this.
Why do we compliment people on an outfit that 80% of the general population owns? If we're all dressed the same, did you really pop out?
Why do we pretend like your mixtape is fire? Usually it's not that good.
Do you walk around with your eyebrows looking like this (see below) everyday? If so, you need to find some new friends, because the ones you have now don't really love you.
Yeah I know, some people hype other people up just to be nice, but it's a weak excuse at this stage in our lives. Everyone wants people to be "honest" or "real"...just as long as it doesn't involve them. Life doesn't work like that! 

There's a time and place for everything, so I understand some of y'all's hesitation to confront strangers, but do not call yourself someone's friend if you let them walk around campus/work, and flex on social media looking like an idiot.

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