7 Self-Care Tips for 2017

When's the last time I've posted on here? I don't know about you, but I've been going through it, and I'm not tired, I'm TIEEEDDD. If you're just like me and barely hanging on by a thread, then read on, beloved!

We're All Evil Kermit on the Inside

Every person has two sides, the one that tries to do good, and the one that gets us into trouble. Sure, we'll talk about our personal missteps but never before has the entire world shared their personal L's in such a hilarious way.

America's Next Top Model???

"Who do you think you are?!" is probably the most common question I've been getting for the past several weeks. According to the rest of y'all, I'm in my glo up phase and have lost my mind. I've got to admit, I've been feeling really good lately! And when I'm in a good mood, I also get dressed up and take a lot of pictures. With that being said, number one: you're right. Number two: I'm encouraging you to lose your minds too.

Save Some for You

If you feel like everyone is using your energy, emotionally, physically, etc. and there's not enough for you....the problem isn't that everybody wants something. The problem is that you give until you have NOTHING for yourself.

I asked my professor what is the first step to changing this behavior, and this is what he said:

"One, accept that you created this behavior. Two, create a strategy for the change. Three, make a deadline for targeting when the change would be complete, so that weaning is not abrupt but progressively changing for the better."

If you continue to give your all...literally...you WILL become tired and you WILL resent others, even though it's lowkey your fault. The average person won't ask you to give up your last because they wouldn't do it themselves.

It's okay though. One day you'll learn to have enough for yourself and some to spare for others. Proverbs 4:23 y'all.

Diddy’s 3rd Annual REVOLT Music Conference

REVOLT is back with their 3rd annual REVOLT Music Conference (RMC) hosted at the Eden Roc Miami Beach Hotel, and is ready to take Miami by storm from October 13-16, 2016. The conference will consist of numerous industry trailblazers, networking segments, panels, pitch sessions, pool parties and an all-exclusive yacht party! If you are a music or entertainment connoisseur, or striving to be one, the REVOLT Music Conference is where you need to be!

Lessons Learned at Solange's Table

It's safe to say that Solange is killing the game. Her newest album, A Seat at the Table, debuted at #1 on iTunes, which is crazy (Many only know her as Queen Bey's baby sister, but not as an artist in her own right).

Spotlight: MoThoro

Wanna get on the winning team? Look no further than musician MoThoro, whose newest project, Atypical Autumn, is making major waves. Mo is humble, hungry and definitely has talent. Don't believe me? Check out our interview below - OHYA!

The Complete* List of Hampton U Brands

You know how the Constitution is a living document? Well THIS blog post is a living document too. I'm not gonna front and act like I've heard of every brand on this list, but if it's on here, that means someone thought it was important enough to be included. Link me to the websites of any brand that doesn't have one here, please and thank you!

Don't Run From Your Destiny

2016 has definitely been a year full of mistakes and reflection reflection. If you're like me, then the fall season will be used to evaluate past mistakes and plant the seeds to do better come next year. There were lots of ups and downs along the way but one thing was certain - there was work to be done that couldn't be avoided.

Spotlight: Pearis Bellamy

Your favorite Jersey girl/motivational speaker/entrepreneur/Hampton University Miss/Devastating Diva *pause for deep breath* Pearis Bellamy is this week's feature! You think you know Pearis now, just wait until you're done reading this...

Why "Nice Guys" Finish Last

There are two types of "nice guys". The first is the traditional one we all know and love (we're rooting for you!) and the second is the one that makes everyone incredibly uncomfortable at best and scared for their safety at worst. This post is mostly about the second kind of "nice guy". AJ Peters was nice enough to help me explain from the male perspective (thanks fam)!

12 Ways to Tell You're Not Ready for a Relationship

I know I wrote something like this a few weeks back, but with cuffing season rapidly approaching, I thought it would be a good idea if I reiterate how important it is to be picky about who you draft (if anyone at all). 

Risk vs. Reward: How to Become an Adult in Your Parents' Eyes

Courtesy of Thinkstock

Your parents always tell you that you've got your whole life to be an adult, so there's no need to rush. What they fail to realize is that you're an adult every day at college, and only get treated like a kid at home.

Spotlight: 4AM/Chef Jimmy

One of Chicago's best MCs, 4AM/Chef Jimmy, is giving everyone a run for their money with his dynamic sound and grand plans for the world. Determined to take everyone with him to the top, 4AM/Chef Jimmy is making all the right moves to make it happen. Don't believe me? You can take it up with him.

First Melania, Now Macca Wiles?

Y'all, I know it's not Wednesday yet, but listen. One of my fellow creatives reached out to me and asked me to spread this message, so here it is (plus some of my own commentary, of course).

Spotlight: Zay Blaze

ATL-bred Zay Blaze loves music, and he's really good at making it too. Along with his creative partners, Zay is hoping to change the way we think about hip-hop. Not convinced that he can do it? Take a look for yourself and think again.

The Power of Pokémon GO

This. Is. Incredible. In just a few short days, a childhood favorite of millennials worldwide has come back in a major way. That's right, twenty-somethings, are running around their communities to catch Pokémon by using an app with a level of interaction never witnessed before. Instead of playing from the comfort of their homes, users have to actually go outside. Wild.

The Truth About You & Oomf

I'm gonna stop you riiiiiiight there. 

Oomf? What's an oomf? The sound you make when you bump into a wall? I'm just playing... kind of like your precious oomf is. Let's be honest here. When you're addressing oomf, there are a few points that can be easily made about you and them. And no, none of them are good.

Why Everyone is Single (When Nobody Wants to be Single)

Getty Images
I already know what you're going to say: "I am fine on my own, I am a strong independent (wo)man that doesn't need anybody!"

Which is true,
you don't need anyone. You're young, bright, and beautiful...but you still have this feeling. A feeling of wanting something more. It all started with the tweet below:

6 Steps for Dealing with Depression

Aside from education, your college years are supposed to be filled with finding/defining yourself, and experiencing the joys of youth. You build memories you’ll never forget, discover lifelong friends or lovers, and most importantly, just have fun enjoying life. However, a college student dealing with depression can feel the exact opposite. You may not be able to conquer your depression but learning how to cope can be a major step towards healing.

Lay It All Out on the Table

Just because you think something is right, doesn't mean that others think so too.

We all have our own beliefs based on our respective backgrounds, and since we're all coming from different perspectives, forcing your expectations on others is unreasonable.

2016, wyd...

2016 is definitely one for the books. Within the past seven days alone, we've witnessed the death of Muhammad Ali, Hillary Clinton snagged the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party and a host of other incidents have got me like:

All My Friends Unfollowed Me

 I guess I played myself worse than Felisha did, messing with y'all...
A couple of weeks ago, I chose 10 of my friends, male and female, and unfollowed them on two or more social media platforms. Why? Because I wanted to see what would happen.

Spotlight: Kayanda

This is Kayanda. Kayanda knows people. She knows what they want, what they need, and exactly how to deliver. Learn from Kayanda. Don't try to be Kayanda - she's not a fan of artificial people - just sit back and be inspired.

Purple Rain & Lemonade, WATTBA


This blog is dedicated to college life, current events and personal experiences, so I'm not going to pretend like 4/20 doesn't exist. Honestly, I wish that I didn't have to address marijuana like this. No, I don't smoke, but I also don't see why weed can't be fully legalized.


Ah, BuzzFeed. To the average millennial, you could do no wrong. Funny quizzes, insightful social experiments, and a racially and ethnically diverse staff. I'm sure there had to be an issue somewhere down the line since we live in the age of "colorblindness", but yesterday, they really took an L.

Black Weave, White Locks, Cultural Appropriation?

Someone posted this in my biggest group chat (like almost 800 people) and asked us for our opinions.

Shut Up, Nobody Cares!

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and noticed that you didn't care about what they were saying at all? Then realize that they seem to never talk about anything interesting or that actually matters? If so, then this post is for you! Share it with someone that's irritating!

I Only Talk to You When I'm Bored

I mean, isn't that why people choose to communicate in the first place? 

Black History Month: Recap of Week 3 & (Part of) 4

Black History Month is nearing its close, but that doesn't mean that black people are taking any days off! Take a look at what's happened since the last recap.

Black History Month: Recap of Week 2 & (Part of) 3

Halfway through Black History Month and we're STILL making history. Take a look at what's happened since the last recap.

Black History Month: Recap of Week 1

Is it just me, or does it seem like a LOT has been going on this Black History Month? We're only 10 days in, and we've experienced some crazy highs and depressing lows. Take a look back on what happened so far.

Black History Month: The Black Family

The Black Family is the foundation of our community. Over several decades, more than a dozen black families graced our television screens. No matter who you are, you've connected to at least one of them. Which TV family is your favorite?

True Life: I'm a Fake Friend

I'm not afraid to say it, I'm fake sometimes.

I don't accommodate people that I don't actually want to hang out with.

My Life's Soundtrack Pt. 2: The Ones That Resonate

To really understand me, you have to understand the role that music has played in my life. Every song below really speaks to the way I feel about life and certain situations, and all of them just really make sense.

My Life's Soundtrack Pt. 1: The Firsts

To really understand me, you have to understand the role that music has played in my life. Every song below is related to a specific instance, and each of those instances have shaped me in one way or another.