True Life: I'm a Fake Friend

I'm not afraid to say it, I'm fake sometimes.

I don't accommodate people that I don't actually want to hang out with.

I don't bother to make plans, and if I'm confronted, it's rare for me to give an excuse. If I do, they're disrespectfully weak. 

I've used all of the following:

  • I'm busy with school
  • I'll let you know
  • We'll see
  • Maybe 
I don't like to string along the people I'm essentially blowing off.

Why? Because I'm spending time with the people I actually want to be around and making time to see the people that I want to see. 

An actual picture of me making plans with my real friends.
I'm not telling you to be like me and ineffectively communicate your feelings, but I am saying this: people like me exist. Don't go out of your way to connect with those who give obvious hints that they're done with you. We've all held on too tight - or not at all - before. Do both parties a solid and exit gracefully to minimize impact.

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