I Only Talk to You When I'm Bored

I mean, isn't that why people choose to communicate in the first place? 

Here's what usually happens in this situation:

Person 1 - Hey, what's up?
Person 2 - Nothing, wyd
Person 1 - Not much, just bored lol
Person 2 - You only hmu when you're bored, smh
Person 1 - Um, ok...

If you're an average college student, you're involved in a lot of things and don't have a ton of leisure time (unless you're like me -- active in several orgs and somehow still have a free schedule). You put yourself and your work first; the rest has to wait. Why would you hit somebody up while you're busy? You wouldn't? Exactly. 

For me, bored = no longer preoccupied. 

It's not like I'm saying "Nobody else is talking to me, so I'm talking to you." It's more like "I've got some down time, I've had some time to unwind by myself, and I'm ready to socialize in a stress-free environment." 

Don't get it twisted, I can be a fake friend, but I won't talk to you if I don't want to. I'm not saying that you should be grateful to be talking to me, but don't ever assume that my intentions aren't genuine. 

I'm not gonna lie, some people might be using you for pure entertainment. However, that sounds like a personal problem...Don't let people use you, but don't be so insecure and paranoid that you can't just go with the flow.

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