Spotlight: Kayanda

This is Kayanda. Kayanda knows people. She knows what they want, what they need, and exactly how to deliver. Learn from Kayanda. Don't try to be Kayanda - she's not a fan of artificial people - just sit back and be inspired.

Arielle: Last year, you were featured on Arielle Nicole; what have you been up to since then?

Kayanda: Wow, it's already been a year, that's crazy! I feel like I've done so much. A lot has happened; I've worked on a couple different projects. One thing I'm really proud of is that I wrote my first book, entitled on, which is my guide to well-being. I'm currently showcasing excerpts from my book on my blog. I hope to publish it in the future, but for now you'll just have to read the blog posts. I also have my poetry on my blog which you can check out at 

Arielle: Who are some of your favorite people to collaborate with? Can you name anyone specifically?

Kayanda: Anyone I can learn from really, I find that I gravitate towards innovative individuals. I like being able to be around people who create an air of ingenuity. Anyone with passion, an open mind and a goal. I'm currently working on something big with a few really cool people but I can't say too much about it, just wait on it!

Courtesy of Kayanda Williams
Arielle: With everything that us college students have going on, how do you manage to balance the academic, professional, and social aspects of your life?

Kayanda: I feel like that was the hardest part for me [for a while]. But I eventually started turning everything into work. Not working around the clock where I had no break, but making sure everything I did was beneficial at the end of the day. If something would become stagnant, I moved on to the next thing so something would always be accomplished. Everything sort of became one and started to flow nicely. 

Arielle: What's one networking mistake that you've made, and what did you learn from it?

Kayanda: Mixing business and pleasure. No pleasure, strictly business.

Courtesy of Kayanda Williams
Arielle: When do you think it is a good idea to burn bridges?

Kayanda: I don't think you should burn bridges. Granted not everyone will see eye to eye but we can all still be civil. I don't really focus on where things go wrong, I try to understand where the other person is coming from and make the situation better. Unless they said something about my mama, then they gotta go. 

Arielle: Last one. What do you think is the most important lesson that you've learned in relationship maintenance?

Kayanda: I feel like we are all connected in this "insta era" as in everything is instant and we're all a button away. Relationship maintenance isn't that hard, I'm always bigging up my people dem. 

Courtesy of Kayanda Williams
Kayanda Ashley Williams is a junior psychology major residing in Westchester County, NY by way of Kingston, Jamaica. Follow her on IG and Twitter.

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