Why Everyone is Single (When Nobody Wants to be Single)

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I already know what you're going to say: "I am fine on my own, I am a strong independent (wo)man that doesn't need anybody!"

Which is true,
you don't need anyone. You're young, bright, and beautiful...but you still have this feeling. A feeling of wanting something more. It all started with the tweet below:

6 Steps for Dealing with Depression

Aside from education, your college years are supposed to be filled with finding/defining yourself, and experiencing the joys of youth. You build memories you’ll never forget, discover lifelong friends or lovers, and most importantly, just have fun enjoying life. However, a college student dealing with depression can feel the exact opposite. You may not be able to conquer your depression but learning how to cope can be a major step towards healing.

Lay It All Out on the Table

Just because you think something is right, doesn't mean that others think so too.

We all have our own beliefs based on our respective backgrounds, and since we're all coming from different perspectives, forcing your expectations on others is unreasonable.

2016, wyd...

2016 is definitely one for the books. Within the past seven days alone, we've witnessed the death of Muhammad Ali, Hillary Clinton snagged the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party and a host of other incidents have got me like:

All My Friends Unfollowed Me

 I guess I played myself worse than Felisha did, messing with y'all...
A couple of weeks ago, I chose 10 of my friends, male and female, and unfollowed them on two or more social media platforms. Why? Because I wanted to see what would happen.