2016, wyd...

2016 is definitely one for the books. Within the past seven days alone, we've witnessed the death of Muhammad Ali, Hillary Clinton snagged the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party and a host of other incidents have got me like:

Farewell to The Greatest

There are only a few people that really influenced the way I viewed myself as a black person in this country, one of which was Muhammad Ali. I've watched countless interviews in varying contexts across the globe, and if he taught me anything, it was to speak up on the behalf of, and to illuminate the way for my people. I love him and I will miss him.

Okay, but I don't want her though...

This is probably the most depressing election season I've ever lived through. Hillary Clinton got the dem nomination but she's just so fake...I can't really relate to her, and she's too wishy washy for me (If you haven't heard her "super predator" speech, I've got it for you below). Bernie Sanders just announced that he's running independently which is cool I guess...Obviously I'm not voting for Donald Trump, because I am intelligent.


#BlackGirlMagic prevailed once again at the Miss USA pageant, where Deshauna Barber (Miss District of Columbia) was crowned as the winner. A dark skinned sista who graduated from an HBCU, is a member of a BGLO, serves our country as an officer in the US Army, and has an "unconventional" name is now one of our most visible representatives. She spoke with eloquence, exuded grace, and boosted the confidence of black girls and women around the world.

Courtesy of the Miss Universe Organization

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