Why Everyone is Single (When Nobody Wants to be Single)

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I already know what you're going to say: "I am fine on my own, I am a strong independent (wo)man that doesn't need anybody!"

Which is true,
you don't need anyone. You're young, bright, and beautiful...but you still have this feeling. A feeling of wanting something more. It all started with the tweet below:

After it made the rounds on Twitter, my friend Pearis had this to say:

So of course, I have an explanation! Let's dig for a minute.

There's a level of emotional maturity that most of us haven't reached yet, regardless of if we're in a relationship or not. So while you may know what you want, you may not be able to execute it well because you literally don't know how to! You may be in tune with your feelings and have all the words planned out, but when you see the person you like 2+2=rice.

No rational person would ruin a budding relationship, right? Well, it seems to happen a lot. Unfortunately, since you can't get it together, you ruin what you've got to escape. You dodge texts and phone calls, act standoffish in person, anything to make them not like you anymore. Now you've hurt their feelings.

It's not that you don't want to be with them; they're great! There's just disconnect within yourself and you're projecting your insecurities onto them, which is totally unfair. Someway, somehow we grow out of this destructive behavior and step up to the plate. No more pride or dishonesty...But until then? We end up in situations from that initial thread.

If the explanation I came up with sounds like BS, then it is...to you.

I'm sure that it resonates with a lot of other people. That's what's so incredible about perspective, if it's not yours, you might not ever understand. By all means, if a person like the one I described above sounds like a headache to you, then don't be bothered with them. But, if you understand what I'm saying and you're willing to be patient, then by all means, do that too.

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