Spotlight: 4AM/Chef Jimmy

One of Chicago's best MCs, 4AM/Chef Jimmy, is giving everyone a run for their money with his dynamic sound and grand plans for the world. Determined to take everyone with him to the top, 4AM/Chef Jimmy is making all the right moves to make it happen. Don't believe me? You can take it up with him.

First Melania, Now Macca Wiles?

Y'all, I know it's not Wednesday yet, but listen. One of my fellow creatives reached out to me and asked me to spread this message, so here it is (plus some of my own commentary, of course).

Spotlight: Zay Blaze

ATL-bred Zay Blaze loves music, and he's really good at making it too. Along with his creative partners, Zay is hoping to change the way we think about hip-hop. Not convinced that he can do it? Take a look for yourself and think again.

The Power of Pokémon GO

This. Is. Incredible. In just a few short days, a childhood favorite of millennials worldwide has come back in a major way. That's right, twenty-somethings, are running around their communities to catch Pokémon by using an app with a level of interaction never witnessed before. Instead of playing from the comfort of their homes, users have to actually go outside. Wild.

The Truth About You & Oomf

I'm gonna stop you riiiiiiight there. 

Oomf? What's an oomf? The sound you make when you bump into a wall? I'm just playing... kind of like your precious oomf is. Let's be honest here. When you're addressing oomf, there are a few points that can be easily made about you and them. And no, none of them are good.