First Melania, Now Macca Wiles?

Y'all, I know it's not Wednesday yet, but listen. One of my fellow creatives reached out to me and asked me to spread this message, so here it is (plus some of my own commentary, of course).

I'm Anteup D from Hampton, Virginia and we've got a problem. One of my most popular songs, "I Just Might" was stolen by a UK artist by the name of Macca Wiles.

If you're a music lover, or just a simple believer in karma, keep reading because this story is ridiculous...

I checked my DMs on Instagram to see a message from a fan of mine. In the DM is a link to a video called "I Just Might" (Remember, that's the name of one of my tracks). Quickly, I clicked on the link to find that the person on the track was ANOTHER rapper named Macca Wiles. I'd never even heard of him until today. 

Me either, Anteup D, me either. So I looked the fool up and this is what I saw:

Excuse me while I try to find my holy water.

Once I listened to the song in its entirety, I went on social media to let everybody know that Macca Wiles stole not only the name, but also the hook and the beat of my song!

For those who'd like to compare, here's Anteup D's "I Just Might"...

...and here's Macca Wiles performing the exact same song.

Everybody in the 75 ( the area in Virginia that I'm from) is going crazy on Facebook, Twitter and IG for me. Since the news broke, people in other states have called in to show their support, and others are even making YouTube videos to address the issue. In the words of Jesse Williams, Macca Wiles is "gentrifying our genius". That's right, OUR genius. Today it was me, but tomorrow, it could be one of your favorites. It could be you.

Even if you don't like trap music, or my music specifically, I'm still asking you to share this story with others. Macca Wiles has a big following, but we still have the power to fight back.

What y'all choose to do with this info is up to you, but I couldn't let this one go. I know Anteup D works HARD on his music and I'd hate to see him go down like this.

Anteup D Instagram: @anteupd_
Macca Wiles Instagram/Twitter: @maccawiles

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