Spotlight: Pearis Bellamy

Your favorite Jersey girl/motivational speaker/entrepreneur/Hampton University Miss/Devastating Diva *pause for deep breath* Pearis Bellamy is this week's feature! You think you know Pearis now, just wait until you're done reading this...

Why "Nice Guys" Finish Last

There are two types of "nice guys". The first is the traditional one we all know and love (we're rooting for you!) and the second is the one that makes everyone incredibly uncomfortable at best and scared for their safety at worst. This post is mostly about the second kind of "nice guy". AJ Peters was nice enough to help me explain from the male perspective (thanks fam)!

12 Ways to Tell You're Not Ready for a Relationship

I know I wrote something like this a few weeks back, but with cuffing season rapidly approaching, I thought it would be a good idea if I reiterate how important it is to be picky about who you draft (if anyone at all). 

Risk vs. Reward: How to Become an Adult in Your Parents' Eyes

Courtesy of Thinkstock

Your parents always tell you that you've got your whole life to be an adult, so there's no need to rush. What they fail to realize is that you're an adult every day at college, and only get treated like a kid at home.