Risk vs. Reward: How to Become an Adult in Your Parents' Eyes

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Your parents always tell you that you've got your whole life to be an adult, so there's no need to rush. What they fail to realize is that you're an adult every day at college, and only get treated like a kid at home.

Your parents need to understand that you're not a baby anymore and that they need to let you grow up NOW. Some ways to become an adult are changing your major to something you actually like, getting into a serious relationship, moving off campus or getting a credit card.

Let's weigh the risks versus the rewards.

Risk: Disrespecting your parents. 
There's a way to get what you want without being rude, it's called being tactful. 

Risk: Getting cut off financially or otherwise. 
You know how it goes, once you start to spread your wings your parents hit you with "Oh, you think you grown now, okay..." 

If you are going to take the risk make sure the reward will be well worth it. This is your chance to earn their respect on a whole new level, so don't spoil it! 

Reward: GaIning more independence. 
You get what you want, which is the whole point of facing the risks!

Reward: The (possible) support of your parents. 
If you get them on the same page as you, then the transition from childhood to adulthood is easier.

At the end of the day, you're growing up whether they like it or not. Take baby steps to assert your independence and one day you'll get it!

About the Co-author

Angel Yates is a junior criminal justice major at Hampton University from Washington, DC. Follow her on IG here.  

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