Spotlight: MoThoro

Wanna get on the winning team? Look no further than musician MoThoro, whose newest project, Atypical Autumn, is making major waves. Mo is humble, hungry and definitely has talent. Don't believe me? Check out our interview below - OHYA!

The Complete* List of Hampton U Brands

You know how the Constitution is a living document? Well THIS blog post is a living document too. I'm not gonna front and act like I've heard of every brand on this list, but if it's on here, that means someone thought it was important enough to be included. Link me to the websites of any brand that doesn't have one here, please and thank you!

Don't Run From Your Destiny

2016 has definitely been a year full of mistakes and reflection reflection. If you're like me, then the fall season will be used to evaluate past mistakes and plant the seeds to do better come next year. There were lots of ups and downs along the way but one thing was certain - there was work to be done that couldn't be avoided.