Save Some for You

If you feel like everyone is using your energy, emotionally, physically, etc. and there's not enough for you....the problem isn't that everybody wants something. The problem is that you give until you have NOTHING for yourself.

I asked my professor what is the first step to changing this behavior, and this is what he said:

"One, accept that you created this behavior. Two, create a strategy for the change. Three, make a deadline for targeting when the change would be complete, so that weaning is not abrupt but progressively changing for the better."

If you continue to give your WILL become tired and you WILL resent others, even though it's lowkey your fault. The average person won't ask you to give up your last because they wouldn't do it themselves.

It's okay though. One day you'll learn to have enough for yourself and some to spare for others. Proverbs 4:23 y'all.

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