America's Next Top Model???

"Who do you think you are?!" is probably the most common question I've been getting for the past several weeks. According to the rest of y'all, I'm in my glo up phase and have lost my mind. I've got to admit, I've been feeling really good lately! And when I'm in a good mood, I also get dressed up and take a lot of pictures. With that being said, number one: you're right. Number two: I'm encouraging you to lose your minds too.

One day I was feeling myself and decided to get my picture taken by one of my classmates, Jared. His specialty is lifestyle photography, and since I've been following his work, I knew that the shots would be of good quality. One great thing about college is that there are plenty of talented photographers around; it's just a matter of you reaching out to them for their services.

I'm not a model by any means, (even though my grandma says to try it) but I will say that being the subject of a real photo shoot will change your life on the lowest of keys. Even if modeling isn't your goal, having great pictures of yourself to share and to keep for the future is pretty cool.

Check out Jared's work on his website and on IG.

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