7 Self-Care Tips for 2017

When's the last time I've posted on here? I don't know about you, but I've been going through it, and I'm not tired, I'm TIEEEDDD. If you're just like me and barely hanging on by a thread, then read on, beloved!

1. Love Your Mirror 

I attended an event where my campus queen, Nyia, shared her story about enduring bullying and going through depression. This was a huge surprise to me because I look to her as a fun person with lots of confidence and strength. She overcame her insecurities by using writing and modeling as outlets. An exercise that she taught me was to write positive affirmations and to keep them in a paper bag. Whenever you feel low, take out a few affirmations and read them until you believe them. Shameless plug: Vote for Nyia to be an EBONY Magazine HBCU Campus Queen!

2. Realize You're Not Alone

For months I was simply pretending to be okay and was incredibly unmotivated in all aspects of life (sporadic blog posts, showing up late to class, if at all, etc.) When it was obvious that I had a problem and couldn't help myself, a friend of mine sat with me in the middle of the night and listened as I cried and struggled to make sense of my problems. He taught me a lot that night, but one of the most important things he said was this: I have a support system, I just have to use it. It's really hard to be vulnerable when everyone expects otherwise, but it's much healthier to share with someone you trust than to let it all bottle up.

3. Get a Plant

Another one of my friends posted a picture of a bonsai tree on Snapchat and we talked about how taking care of a plant is one of the easiest ways to create "impeccable vibes". Seasonal depression is real; having something thrive when everything else is dying is pretty poetic when you think about it.

4. Less Alcohol, More Tea 

The sooner that you realize alcohol is NOT your friend, the sooner you can get on the right track. Luckily, almost all of my friends are as obsessed with tea as I am, and it's nothing for us to have an impromptu tea party. Herbal teas are way less expensive than liquor, and they offer tons of health benefits. Next time you're stressed, instead of pouring yourself a shot (or two, or three...) make a nice cup of tea!

5. Lean Not on Your Own Understanding

I'm a huge fan of a website called The Good Girl Movement, created by my classmate, Brooklyne. One post that she wrote challenged readers to ask other people what they can improve on in the upcoming year. I've tried it and it worked for me, so definitely check it out! (Sometimes our friends and family have good advice, but you'll never know if you're not willing to listen...)

6. De-clutter Often

Instead of waiting until spring to clean up, opt to do so once a month. That way all of your physical clutter won't pile up on you so heavily. De-cluttering isn't just for your dorm, apartment, or car, though. Assessing where you're at and where you want to go often will help you become more aware of yourself, those around you, and what you want to change.

7. Take Your Time...But Start ASAP


Another source of inspiration for me is fellow HU student Asia Milia. When I tell you this girl is ON IT...phew. She's great. Anyway, she shared with me (and her other Snapchat followers) that she was going through a rough time in terms of creativity, motivation etc. and her honesty made me reevaluate my own actions. I knew I had to get out of my rut, the question was simply, when? I knew I wasn't going to rush the process, but I also knew that prolonging it wasn't doing me any good either. Asia is all about getting the job done, and her drive to move forward despite her challenges was a huge part of what made me come up with this post.

So there you have it everyone, seven self-care tips for 2017! There's a lot more that I could list, but I'll save it for now. Until next time...

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