Why You Gotta Fight With Me at Cheesecake?

Why you gotta fight with me, ever?

I hate conflict. Hate it! I'm definitely one to seek peace, but sometimes it's just unavoidable. Once in a blue moon, I'll make someone upset and vice versa; that's just life. What really gets me is when a simple argument becomes something wayyy more toxic.

Have you ever argued with someone who seemed too into it? 

It's like they're arguing not just to prove a point, but to actually hurt you?! To them, the point of fighting is to bend others to their will, way of thinking, etc. without being considerate of anyone's feelings. It's a defense of the ego and a way to assert their dominance in a situation, so don't fall for it! Stand firm in whatever you believe in, because if you let them get you once, they'll do it every time they want to boost their self-esteem.

If you're the one barking at everyone...

Kill that noise, you loud-mouthed, insecure, attention-seeking, opportunistic bloodhound. You're fighting just for the sake of fighting and wonder why nobody likes you. I've got two words for you: conflict resolution. Go forth and discover it. Fix your mind to accept it. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Because one day, you're gonna piss off the wrong person...

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