"Burning Sands" is Tainting Black Culture

Have y'all ever seen a black collegiate movie that didn't center around Greek life/initiations/hazing? Because of these films, GDIs, young children, older adults, etc. draw conclusions about BGLOs (Black Greek Letter Organizations) that are so far left from what actual members say they experience.

Art is supposed to imitate life, and those with the power to validate it are doing the opposite, so that basically means that Burning Sands is BS. Even the stylization of the title is 💩, what the hell is BURNΦNG SΛNDS? (It spells BURNPNG SLNDS in English for those who don't know the Greek alphabet)

I'm not a member of a BGLO, so I know I have no authority to speak on the accuracy of the movie's content. HOWEVER...

I am a supporter of all things black, and one of the most important parts of black culture is the role of BGLOs in the black community. What type of example is Lambda Lambda Phi setting if:

a.) The neos hate each other
b.) They don't even know each other's first names(!!!)
c.) The only reasons given to join are shallow and lack real thought
d.) The prophytes don't give a damn about the neos
e.) There's an emphasis on sex and violence, while the fraternity's principles are never exemplified

For the new generation, this is the most relevant portrayal of black college life that they'll see. This is neither Stomp The Yard nor A Different World, which both highlighted the good and bad sides of college life. It's not even School Daze, which offered some sort of social commentary and dynamic characters. Everything in Burning Sands is off balance, and that's what really makes it so bad.

The director/co-writer/member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. had a responsibility to the D9 + the black community as a whole to create a narrative that break stereotypes, not enforce them. BGLOs are BLACK first. In terms of scholarship and service, their members are supposed to display the best that the black community has to offer. They're one of our greatest assets, and if they continue to be 💩 on then the future of the black community is unsure.

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