What to Do (And What NOT to Do) During Probate Season

Alpha Tau chapter of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. - Spring 2011

In college, there's almost no other time more exciting than probate season. That girl in your math class or that guy you always see in the gym is preparing to announce to the world that they've joined a sorority or fraternity; and for those new members, it's a big deal. For those who plan to attend a probate in the near future, here are some tips to make it as enjoyable and fun for everyone as possible.

DO: Show up early to get a good seat. Depending on the organization and the location of the probate, the venue could look like --

DON'T: Hassle the prophytes about who's on line, because they won't tell you, even if you guess! Discretion is key.

DO: Make your friends a poster if they're being unveiled.

DON'T: Scream out anyone's actual name. Discretion is key for them, but it's key for you too! When the time is right, they will announce who they are.

DO: Attend the pre-shows! (I don't know about the Pan-Hellenic conference, but) National Pan-Hellenic Council orgs typically host a pre-show leading up to a probate.

DON'T: Get mad if you see another person holding a sign up for your bae. If anything, team up and give him/her your posters at the same time! 😅

DO: Save your voice, because you'll be screaming. A lot. Listen to the crowd screaming in this clip! (Line shown: Gamma Epsilon chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. - Spring 2017, Breaking Point 12)

DON'T: Talk bad about the neophytes if they make a mistake. If you think you could do better, try to join and let everyone know how easy it is.

DO: Take breaks to sit down, because other people want to see too!

DON'T: Bring any giant balloons into the stands, because someone might pop them...and that someone might just be me 👀

DO: Have fun! Probates are a celebration of hard work and sacrifice, so do the neos a favor and enjoy what they planned.

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