Spotlight: Dom Hill of Immortal Hip Hop

Dom Hill says he's the greatest and means it. He draws comparisons to Kanye West in both work and professionalism, but if you ask Dom, he says "I'm worse than Kanye. I respect the hustle though."
So what exactly does this man do? If you ask me, he's a jack of all trades. His passion is photography, but he's also getting into music. Dom's first production project just dropped, and it's definitely worth several listens.

What's so special about artists at your school that you decided to make a mixtape of all their music?

DH: What makes the artists at Hampton University so special is that regardless of what music they put out, they still push forward and quitting is not an option.

Where do you fit in the media industry?

DH: I see myself in audio recording and production, Rss Feed and maybe print media. I want to work at XXL and contribute to the cyphers, mainly. 

Who inspires you?

DH: My inspiration is my grandmother. She has worked the same job for 40+ years, and to this day does not complain about it. So I can't complain ever in my life about work.

When did you get into photography? 

DH: I start photography in the 10th grade at Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy. I took a yearbook class and my pictures were used on a slideshow for a school board meeting. My mother saw the pictures and was shocked by my work. I fully jumped Into photography the summer going into my sophomore year at Hampton University at Forsyth Technical Community College. I took three of the four courses they offered in being proficient with camera technology. 

What do you want people to realize about photography?

DH: I want people to notice the abnormalities of taking a picture. Anyone can buy a camera and put the camera in setting and take the picture. What separates one photographer from the next is how much creativity is put into it. If you noticed that one piece in a photograph, than you can never forget that picture itself.

Where do you see Immortal Hip Hop in the future?

DH: I want Immortal Hip Hop to be a platform for college student-artists. I want Immortal Hip Hop to be like college athletics, mainly basketball and football. If we take that same energy that we use to support college and professional sports and mainstream artists, then we should be able to support our student artists as well.

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