Why They *Really* Care About Body Count

"I'm sorry...how many people did you say you slept with again?"

Ah, the body count debate. 

It's the stuff of legend, bringing forth declarations that can really make you look at a person sideways, depending on your personal views. 

"I can't be with anyone if they have (x number) of bodies, that's thot behavior."

"One person or one hundred people, as long as they're committed to me, I don't care."

"More bodies than me? That's too many. What if they caught an STD?"
Pay close attention, friends.

Those who have bias against others with "high" body counts are fully entitled to have those biases. Their body, their choice. Here's the thing, more often than not, their most vocal complaints are team tew much! We've heard them all before:

"Too many" bodies means:

a.) You're a thot/slut/hoe/blah blah blah 
b.) You probably don't use protection, and are therefore spreading HIV/herpes/other cooties to as many people as you possibly can 
c.) You make poor life decisions, like what to eat for breakfast, or whether or not to pay taxes

Never mind that they're supporting a misogynistic mindset, and any other sexually oppressive system. The true gag is, that's not even why they're mad, is it? Of course not. BUT before I tell you the real reason behind all of this body count hullabaloo, I made a Twitter poll about this topic, check it out below. 

Alright, are you ready for the real tea?

They don't want you to have a high body count for two reasons. You probably already know the first real reason is that they're worried about what other people will say. "But wasn't she just with...?"  The second, and much funnier reason is that they're worried you've had better sex with someone else. Boom. Just plain ol' insecurity. Of course.

That's it! I have spoken! See y'all again next week.
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