They Gon' Talk Regardless

Courtesy of UPTOWN Magazine

Most people spend a large chunk of their time trying to please others, but it's usually spent in vain. You see, there's literally nothing you can do that won't be criticized. 
Seriously, I made a list! 

  • When you're doing exceptionally well (see: allegations of SZA's sexual past in the wake of her successful new album)
  • If you start your own business
  • When you share little to nothing about your personal life
  • When you overshare (see: Twitter couples that post pictures that ought to stay in the camera roll)
  • If you've gotten around, or don't go out at all
  • When you stumble, and especially when you fall (See: Britney Spears circa 2007)
  • If you're Greek, or Greek-affiliated
  • If you're outspoken or painfully shy
  • When you lose or gain a considerable amount of weight 
  • When you're spotted one too many times with someone else

No matter what you say or do, the public's opinion is their own. 

College is rough, especially if you attend a small institution, because your business is never truly yours. Essentially, if you've got something that someone else wants, and when you don't follow the expectations others have for you, you're guaranteed to become a topic of conversation. 

Sometimes, the info is firsthand, so what they have to say is true. More often though, people who have never spit in your direction will spew out vile things about you and your character to anyone who will listen. They'll take what little information they have and RUN with it; and what they don't know, they'll make up. Sad, isn't it? 

The Get Down part

If they're not signing your checks or keeping you from achieving your goals, though, those people are non-factors. As long as you live honestly and with integrity, what they have to say doesn't matter. Do what you want! They gon' talk regardless. *shrugs*

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