Everything is Shaka, Everything in Faka

Y'all, I've just been HAPPY lately! When I ignore my bank account and ever-mounting anxiety about my soon-to-be post-grad life, DJ Khaled and Asahd can't touch this. And now, thanks to cousin Blue, I've got a new summer anthem to reflect my outlook on life!

Summer '17 didn't start out so well for me. 

I had internships lined up, only for them to fall through. My family didn't seem to notice (or care) about the toll it was taking on me, so they continued to apply pressure. When I wasn't trying to get a gig for the season, I spent all of my free time sleeping *cues Cranes in the Sky*. I wasn't even doing my hair! (Anyone who knows me personally knows that I take my puff very seriously.)

Basically, it sucked. And I was sick of it. But even though things weren't happening according to plan, I never gave up trying to better my situation.

Speak it into existence

Long story short, I got an internship. Scratch that, I got a GREAT internship with Pam Perry, a well-known publicist and PR guru. I go all over, attending events and meeting exceptional people on a personal and professional level. Lit, right? Honestly, I'm in the position I'm in now by speaking it into existence. 

Obvs I prayed and submitted my resume, but I had to say what I wanted with my mouth in order for it to manifest itself into the universe. I don't want to jinx it, but I'm starting to thrive with this new energy. I wake up early every morning, I work out, I even started doing my hair (yes, the puff is thriving once again)!

Everything IS shaka! Everything IS in faka! 

I don't expect everything to be cotton candy and unicorns, but cousin Blue told me that she never saw a ceiling in her whole life, and I believe her! The fact that I altered my mindset and it worked?! If I keep this up, y'all won't be able to tell me nothing.

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