Hopeless Romantics Suck

I love love, but I can't stand y'all.

Hopeless romantics are easily the most annoying people on the face of the earth for a few reasons:

1. Relationships are all they talk about
2. Unrealistic expectations
3. Overlook obvious red flags

"Did you see my thread?" First of all, your tweets are muted.

Do you or a loved one treat Twitter like it's a middle school diary? "I wish oomf would act right", "Can't wait to spoil someone someday", "Clearly I'm too much of a husband/wifey for y'all"...then chances are I've either muted you, unfollowed you or both. I don't do homogeneous content. Also, I can promise you that your antics are the running joke in more than a few squad group chats.

Why are you like this? *face palm*

I've always believed that hopeless romantics are the casualties of the media industry. They're the only people who believe that real life should be like the movies, and in some ways, that's really genuine and cute. In other ways, it's childish. People aren't perfect and neither are the lives they lead. It's crazy to imagine that simple mistakes signal the end of a relationship in the name of "high standards". I want you to want the best for yourself, but keep your head out of the clouds.

Me: He just stole your car. You: Okay, but I love him...so what's your point?

Whether you're being taken advantage of, lied to, cheated on, or whatever, you've got to know that 9/10 you and your boo won't end up being the next Keyshia and Gucci. In fact, y'all are probably more like Keyshia Cole and (insert man here). Suffering for love shouldn't be the norm, so don't pretend like everything is okay because you want to feel "loved".

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