How to Move On After You Screw Everything Up

Maybe you “borrowed” your friend’s clothes too often. Maybe you cheated on your girl a little bit. Maybe you misspoke at the wrong time, created an unnecessary rift, or talked big without being able to back it up. 

I’m here to tell you that everyone makes bad moves, and that (almost) everyone deserves to reach redemption. If you’re really ready to get on the right track, then ask yourself these three questions: Have I apologized? Have they forgiven me? Have I forgiven myself?

Have I apologized?

Do so with an open and honest heart. Admit to your wrongdoings and accept responsibility for the hurt you’ve caused. 

Have they forgiven me?

Remember, forgiveness is overrated. Also, forgiveness looks different to everyone. Never forget, you’ll be lucky if the person you’ve hurt decides to ever hear you out; that means it’s not a good idea to go into a situation with any expectations. You might even leave feeling worse than you did before you apologized! That’s okay, because...

Have I forgiven myself? matter what you’ve done, if you’re real with yourself and the ones you’ve affected, then you’re absolutely allowed to let the guilt and shame of your transgressions go.

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