Standard of Excellence, Or Excuses?

February 20, 2018 marks a sad day in Hampton University history.

Standard of Excellence...

To be a Hamptonian is to be the epitome of black excellence. The university has cultivated some of the nation’s brightest minds, won numerous awards, but what do we have to show for it? Our university president has made great accomplishments on our behalf - we recognize this and appreciate it. However what got us here will not keep us here. 

The students have become desensitized and frustrated with the current climate (bad food, poor dorm maintenance, lack of social activities, etc.), so we took our concerns to the Town Hall meeting and left feeling more at odds with administration been before we arrived.

Standard of Excuses.

At #HUTownHall, several students raised concerns about the safety of campus food and housing, handling of sexual assaults and more. The administration half-answered nearly every question asked, and at one point, the university president acted in a callous and unprofessional manner during an interaction with a student. The saving grace of the evening was the tireless work of our SGA president as a mediator between the two sides.

I understand that Hampton University is a top school and an iconic brand, but we are only as strong as our student body, and right now, we do not feel empowered.

Many alumni have reached out to question the quality of the university, and are even expressing distress over whether or not to send their children to their alma mater. Without students and alumni, there is no Hampton University.


(Co-written by Angel Yates)

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