“Didn’t they graduate three years ago?”

Every college has those people who never seem to leave campus. They’re rapidly approaching (or are already in) their mid-20s, and typically have their degree, but for some really strange reason they’re still immersed in college culture. Why are they strolling? How did they get into this party without a valid student ID? Why are they talking to underclassmen? Didn’t they graduate three years ago? I found the whole phenomenon to be bizarre because, who would purposely stick around their alma mater? That’s weird. Suddenly, I realized — they peaked in school!
I think I’ve discovered the root(s) of all evil. 

To cut to the chase, people who peaked (and will soon peak) in college are those whose confidence is rooted in the persona they created in undergrad. They were the ones who made music, started clothing lines, sold drugs, joined/created student organizations, etc. to ascend the social ladder, but their momentum slowed down post-grad.

How to peak in college:

  • join too many things without honing in on your passions 
  • form superficial friendships and unhelpful weak ties
  • enter romantic relationships with people you’re not really interested in for notoriety, or because “you would look great together!”
  • graduate but don’t physically leave the area...nobody who has earned their degree should step foot on campus unless it is homecoming, or they are a campus employee 

There are some nice little facades going, I must admit. 

Shout out to those of y’all who go to the right events with the right people in the right outfits and use the right filters to post on the right social media platform at the right time to get the right number of likes and comments. I can tell that you put a lot of thought and effort behind it.

Actually, almost everyone can spot this because it’s very noticeable. So, my question is, why run yourself ragged when nobody buys your poor attempt at authenticity? The fake smiles? The fake service? The fake relationships? Insecurity reeks on those who wear it, and no amount of social scrubbing will ever get rid of the stench. 

If this was a song, this section would be the bridge. 

Listen up imposters, if you feel like you’re starting to peak, then avoid doing everything I outlined earlier on. Don’t join organizations, create projects or associate heavily with people to feel popular or important, because you’ll never be truly satisfied with yourself AND you’ll get clowned in hella group chats. Isn’t that ironic? 

When you’re really on your own wave, you’ll do what brings you joy, not fame, and will let college go once that degree is in hand. There’s a whole world out there y’all, and avoiding it won’t improve your quality of life.

Until next time, loves!

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